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Fed 28

  • Removed oAuth, switched to API key
  • Basecamp info autosave
  • Changelog only shows last 10 dates with a link to show all
  • Refactoring

Feb 27

  • oAuth connect with Basecamp
  • Fetch Basecamp project names and IDs

Feb 26

  • Keyboard page navigation (left/right)

Feb 21

  • Added accent colour picker

Feb 11

  • Better styles for narrow screens and mobile devices.
  • Removed CSS uppercasing for input and textarea inputs, retaining case change for display text.

Feb 6

  • Updated meta tags, including favicon and author.

Feb 5

  • Started on improving cross-browser CSS.
  • Corrected a bug caused by any timers left running past midnight.

Feb 3

  • Added edit icon to table summaries' day captions, allowing users to delete an entire day's worth of archived timers in one swoop.

Feb 1

  • Updated how table summaries are displayed and updated by JS, allowing for better animations and syncing with timers.
  • Added edit icon (for deleting) and edit popups (for changing projects and tasks) to individual timer rows in the table summaries.

Jan 31

  • Changed task input field to be taller, wider textarea.

Jan 30

  • Updated summary titles to display weekday, month, and date if app has timers from two or more days ago.

Jan 28

  • Updated table summary styles to better display long project names and task descriptions.

Jan 26

  • Changed summary tables to be build with LI elements mirroring clocks, as opposed to TABLE elements; allows for syncing animations and functionality between both screens.
  • Users now can click on the project and task names in summary tables to edit them.
  • Users now can click on the time info on any individual task in the summary tables to temporarily strike the through.
  • Cleaned up CSS, for better animations and speed optimization.
  • Started adding functionality for HTML5 datalists, for browsers that support them.

Jan 24

  • Changed how timers are saved to local storage to better support sorting, dragging, and archiving. Any past saved data is incompatible.
  • Separated out data saving/updating methods from animations triggers, allowing for better management of animations and how/when they get implemented.
  • Moved delete into an "edit" icon, to allow more functional options on each timer.

Jan 23

  • Added listeners to local storage so that tabs open to same app in same browser sync state and data of timers.
  • Replaced browser alert on delete with custom solution.
  • Added change log to settings screen.
  • Updated styles.

Jan 22

  • Added toggle to totals table hours, allow to switch between recorded and rounded counts (to .25 intervals) .
  • Changed colors on active timer/table state to blues (consistent with paused timer state).
  • Started on better smartphone styles.

Jan 21

  • (Temporary) Removed drag-and-drop functionality.
  • (Temporary) Removed the remove-timer icon when timer is running.
  • Removed the sliding animation on the project-name's and task-name's input text fields.
  • Changed Google Webfonts and We Love Icon Fonts calls to local font calls.
  • Added clock SVG icon to timer ON state. Clock icon designed by Darbo Scalante, and available at Noun Project
  • Added settings page.
  • Changed page transitions.
  • Separated inline CSS and JS to separate files.
  • Added apple touch icon, and apple web app meta tags.