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We are programmers, lovers of code and collaborators of online marvels. We understand that a project needs to be focused, and we speak designer fluently. We then encode and translate your vision into software or onto the web.

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With everything we do, we learn as we go because that is the nature of our chosen craft. Then we work hard to remember and apply what we have learned.

Sometimes we even write about it...

File Naming Conventions

There are many reasons to follow a file naming convention when working with computers or the internet. The most important reason is to keep files organized in a way so that others can quickly and easily understand the naming convention and follow it.

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Imagination Encoded

Visual Lizard takes what you imagine and encodes it to what you need. We deliver benefit to your customers and to your clients, helping you reach your target markets and maximize your return on investment.

We specialize in building projects to web standards.