Established in 1996, Visual Lizard has been building things on the internet for a long time. Come on in and get to know us…

Julian Moffatt - CEO / Partner
Julian Moffatt
CEO / Partner
Doug Ross - CFO / Partner
Doug Ross
CFO / Partner
Ross McDowall - Senior Web Developer
Ross McDowall
Senior Web Developer
Wil Alambre - Senior Programmer
Wil Alambre
Senior Programmer
Max Chiriac - Senior Web Developer
Max Chiriac
Senior Web Developer
Dwayne Kristjanson - Senior Programmer
Dwayne Kristjanson
Senior Programmer
Dan Steele - Programmer
Dan Steele

We take great pride in the code we write and in the work we produce. We have been creating within this rapidly changing medium for a long time. With everything we do, we learn as we go because that is the nature of our craft. Then we work hard to remember and apply what we have learned. Sometimes we even write about it.

What We're Good At

Building things with code. Understanding how visitors expect to interact with your site. Preserving your brand. User interfaces. Writing stylesheets. Web standards. HTML. PHP. MySQL. Javascript. Ajax. Accessibility. Security. Getting to market. Strategy and planning. Analytics and many other digital parts and pieces … for more, check out our services.

We do things better than some and differently than others. We stick to web standards because we believe that gives you the best chance at having both a forward and backwards compatible web site, right now and in the future.

And of course we couldn't do the things we do without an amazing cast around us. From little one person shops up to large multi-national firms, we have great partners everywhere!