Aaaagh! Use a freakin' Dictionary!

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas has just put out a solo album called "The Dutchess" (sic). Somebody please tell me that this title is a joke or a play on words or something. If it isn’t a joke, somebody please tell me why a copy editor did not even look at the title of this album. Tell me why somebody didn’t bother to look up Duchess in a dictionary. It would only have taken a second as there are many dictionaries online which could have been checked. It is no wonder the English language and the Education system is going to hell in a hand-cart if we are not teaching our kids the proper spelling of simple words. To help you all out, the following is the definition of Duchess according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary Online.

Main Entry: duch·ess
Pronunciation: ’duh-chess
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English duchesse, from Anglo-French, from duc duke
1 : the wife or widow of a duke
2 : a woman who holds the rank of duke in her own right

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