What horrible madness! What happened? What terrible dimension did this unknowable, undescribable, unadjectiveable thing spawn from?!?

The first fifteen minutes of the movie was like the most boring intro movie to a bargin bin Playstation video game I've ever experienced! And at least I could skip those!

Worse yet, two-thirds of the way through the movie, it seemed the main character was not only relieved to have died before the film was over, not only filled with deperate despair at being revived, but was considering suicide directly afterwards to escape!

I like cheesy movies. I enjoyed League of Extrodinary Gentlemen! But this was the only movie I almost walked out of.


The only thing that saved our sanity was that I went with friends and we played Mystery Science Theatre 3000 throughout the show. Its a testament to the film that the other audience members around us not only did not shush us, but were appreciative of having something entertaining to listen to!

Luckily, I got home and found a new GTP podcast awaiting in iTunes. Ahhh... so cleansed!

PS: Were those hay bales? WTF?!?

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