Hellboy II Teaser Online

Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman are back with Mike Mignola’s comic book pulp hero. The first teaser trailer of Hellboy II: The Golden Army is online at MySpace.

Click here to watch teaser trailer at MySpace

The first movie was good, but I wouldn’t call it mind-blowingly amazing. I remember coming out thinking "That was fun. I hope it makes money so someone will trust them to make a cooler one next time." The Hellboy comics have always been a favourite for it’s mix of pulp hero and strange folklore, and the first movie seemed to only to dip one foot in that deep possibility.

My first impression with this teaser? Hellboy did make money, and Pan’s Labyrinth earned oodles of critical acclaim (as well as three Oscars), and Del Toro suddenly has free rein to be so out there as he wants to be. And it is good.

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