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New Manitoba Music Web Site Launched

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Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association (MARIA), working with Visual Lizard and Guppy, relaunched their web site,, on Friday, April 21st, 2006. Originally launched in 2002, the site garnered thousands of unique visitors a month, millions of hits a year, and has been a shining example to music industry associations nationwide.

The redesigned site includes an online poll, a steaming radio, forums, and downloadable video and audio clips of local Manitoba artists. It also sports a web forum, a live music calendar of current and upcoming music events, and a searchable directory of Manitoba talent. Finally, MARIA members can log into the website, and administrate their own profiles online!

On the same date, MARIA, Visual Lizard, and Guppy launched, a brand new website focusing on Manitoba’s growing Aboriginal music scene!

I am proud, as are all of us at Visual Lizard, to have helped bring the music industry together! To find out more about the launch of both site’s read the official MARIA announcement.