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Ok folks there are some no brainers out there, like don’t stick your finger into a live light socket, don’t drink wood alcohol, don’t stand in the middle of a railway track with your eyes closed facing away from an oncoming train. Another no brainer should be that you should not talk on your cell phone while taking a nature call. If someone calls while you are "busy", let it ring. Most cell phones have call display now so you can call whoever it was when you are no longer occupied. Three very good reasons for this:

  1. You have other things to concentrate on and wouldn’t like it if someone actually barged in on you in person.
  2. The person on the other end doesn’t need to hear what you are doing.
  3. Courtesy to others who may be using the facility next door.

There are other places where you shouldn’t be using a cell phone of course. Driving, since having someone jabbering away in your ear can distract you from navigating a 1500kg+ vehicle through heavy traffic. Theatres and other entertainment venues where the audience should be sitting relatively quiet.

For those of you who talk in very public places, use some common sense, if you have something to say which you don’t want overheard, don’t say it in public on a cell phone.

This is about what is considered acceptable social etiquette. Just like you were taught some general table manners as a child, the very public activity of cell phone use has some very specific manners. I have seen some pretty rude behaviour by cell phone users in the past. We have manners for most social situations which for the most part people follow in a general sense. Why is it taking people so long to pull together their manners for this form of communication? Apparently a study has been done. Maybe they will be able to give us some answers and start us on the path to polite cell phone use.