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Opera 9 Released

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Opera has release the latest version of it's under-appreciated browser. Firefox is getting a pile of press and all the good praises in moving web browsing technology forward, and kickstarting Internet Explorer 7 development, but Opera has been doing the same and for longer.

I just installed it, and am trying it out. I liked the fact the Setup asked if I wanted to update my version of 8.5 or install 9 seperately. And jumping around the 'Net, I'm seeing pages load amazingly fast. Faster than I've ever seen them load! Woo!

I'll continue to play with the browser for a week. After that, I'll find out if I'll stick with it as my default, or switch back to Firefox. I do, however, encourage everyone to download it and give it a try. Since 8, the Opera browser is free (with no ads), so you don't have any excuse anymore :)