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Ford: Leave Global Warming to the consumer

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We have known for some time that the motor companies under the influence of Big Oil have been denying global warming. Now, however, with the mounting evidence that pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are causing the problem the motor companies are finally coming around and saying "yeah, you were right" to the scientists and environmentalists. In a BBC news story in July 2006, the executive vice president of Ford of Europe and the Premiere Automotive Group, Lewis Booth basically stated that in order to turn around global warming it was in the hands of the consumers... that is to say that if we want to fix the global warming mess we are going to have to ask for the greener products before the auto industry should build them. He also went on to suggest that governments should offer incentives to the auto industry in the form of business tax reductions to promote green technologies, and that the consumer should be taxed for not buying green.

While he does say a few things about how we as a consuming society have to change our way of thinking about greenhouse gas emissions which are very true, he does not think that the automotive industry should take the leading role in that change. I have a suggestion for the automotive industry. Change your thoughts on you overall market. Instead of relying on the consumer to slowly come around to a more green way of thinking, assume that the demand is there and provide the greenest options possible. Given the opportunity, most people will choose the greener option provided that the price is similar. If the automotive industry took a stand and pushed for the green option, Big Oil would have no choice but to fall into line. Of course this won’t happern, because *whine* "that would be hard" *whine*.

Honda and Toyota and even Ford are already starting to provide the green options, and an article for is showing that the demand is already there. Its time for the American Auto Industry to grab hold of the green bandwagon before it slips out of sight. If the auto industry takes the lead, other polluting industries may take the hint, and maybe the global warming problem won’t seem so insurmountable.