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EO Winnipeg Launch

Ross McDowall
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The Entrepreneurs Organization Winnipeg is a chapter of EO Worldwide. This site was an opportunity for us to flex our programming muscles by applying flash video using a content managed system making the flash videos a dynamic part of the content. The client required the ability to add short promotional videos associated to upcoming events. Rather than describing the events through copy, they decided to use edited video promotion. We therefore had to provide them with specific functionality to upload images, flash video files, and specific flash players for each video.

The second part to this site was to provide a members only section with videos targeted specifically to members of the organization. This required a site login which would allow access to this section. The client also wanted to provide the viewer with a video about us section. This allows them to add and update video messages providing the viewer with an explanation of what the organization is all about.

The third part of the site was to allow members to register for the listed upcoming events. By providing this functionality we are able to supply the event organizers with a logistics tool indicating how many people will be attending a specified event. Some additional functionality allowing non-members to purchase event tickets online will be added at a later date.