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Italy 2008, Days Five, Six, and Seven

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Continuing my ongoing series, I have posted more photos from my recent trip to Italy. I’m giving my Flickr Pro account a run for it’s money, and giving more of my friends reasons to be envious :P

These days were our actual working days, but even those were amazingly enjoyable! It was a bright and beautiful walk every morning to the Institute where we had to do our installations and presentations. We were able to cut around and through one of the Universities of Rome to get there, getting a good feel for school life in Italy. And best of all, we got a flavour for life in Rome outside the standard tourist routes.

An inside view of the main entrance to the University of Rome

Our nights were free to ourselves, which we used to do some shopping and/or more touring about the city... or other things :) I spent St Valentine’s night in an Irish pub, having fun with a group of people touring from Spain. And on our last night, we managed to find the best plate of spaghetti in the entire city!

A great place to eat if you’re in Rome!

The next day would be our last in Rome, and we were hopping onto a train to Cinque Terra to do some hiking. But we’d have all morning and most of the afternoon to do some looking around. And we were not going to ditch Rome without having a walk through the Sistine Chapel!