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Visual Lizard turns 15 today!

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Visual Lizard turns 15 today!.

As we turn one year older ( and hopefully a bit wiser ) we would just like to thank all our clients for allowing us to develop their Internet presence. We will continue to provide the quality of work and level of service that you expect from us.

We would also like to thank all the design agencies that we work with. Our joint effort shows that clients get the best of both worlds when working with us, award winning design and unsurpassed programming.

As programmers we are proud of the fact that in the past year we have helped our design partners win numerous awards. We have some exciting new projects that are about to launch so stay tuned for updates.

In case you haven’t seen what we have been working on lately, here is an example of a few projects that we launched in the past year that showcase our programming skills.

Winnipeg Art Gallery - design by Velocity


Fillmore Riley - design by Blacksheep

Fillmore Riley

Outlook Financial - design by Fusion

Outlook Financial

The Civil Rights Agenda - design by Guppy Design

 The Civil Rights Agenda

Casinos of Winnipeg - design by Velocity

Casinos of Winnipeg