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Green Lantern

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Marvel Comics have done a fantastic job of bringing their characters to the big screen. Warner Bros and DC Comics has not, outside Superman and Batman... and even those two franchises have been rebooted due to mediocre adaptations.  Now director Martin Campbell and actor Ryan Reynolds are going to try to bring us the Green Lantern as a summer blockbuster.

There has always been a lot of potential in a Green Lantern film. Let's face it, it's the ultimate story of wish fulfilment, a magic ring that can make anything you can think of. But it also had a lot of potential for being incredibly terrible, such as a rumour that it was going to be made as a comedic vehicle for Jack Black.

The first trailer came out at the tail end of 2010 and it did not impress. At best it looked like an average attempt to spin a DC franchise into the douchebag-to-hero character arc that worked well in Iron Man. Six months later, they released new, much better footage, this time focusing on the big set pieces, out space scenes, alien police corps, and general ring slinging... now I'm definately looking forward to it :)