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Dead Switch

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Happy Monday all. We arrived at the office to a dead network switch this morning. That means all of our office phones are down. Internet is up, so email is the best way to reach us until we can replace the network switch and get voice calls back.

If you do phone, you will be able to leave a voicemail and it will be emailed to us.


12:02pm - Alex from Precursor is here. Hurray!

1:18pm - We have a borrowed switch in place. Doug and I have phones back, but for some reason (unkown) our remaining phones won't talk to the switch. Grrr... still working on it.

Nov 20, 1pm: Well, that took way longer than it should have. We finally got our Talkswitch phones all back on the network. We had to do the following:

  • Map IP addresses on our Apple Airport Router to each of the Talkswitch units. This is to ensure that they always get the same IP addresses.
  • On the 5 older phones that don't dynamically read the network and figure out where the talkswitch primary units live, we had to manually configure:
  • TFTP server
  • HTTP server
  • SIP server address
  • FTP server
  • Scan through the rest of the settings on the phone looking for incorrect IP addresses that did not match up to the IP addresses assigned to the primary and secondary units
  • Restart all the phones a bunch fo times
  • Highfives!

Good news, we have all phones back and all network related devices are happy as clams.