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Suddenly, Foosball!

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Being located in the heart of the Exchange, we occasionally wet our whistles over at the King's Head Pub after a long day of building the internet. Imagine our surprise this afternoon when they got ahold of us to let us know that we had won a foosball table in one of random draw contests!

Since we're only a hop, skip, and a jump away, we took a moment from our busy schedules to claim our sudden-but-appreciated aquisition. After a little assembly, we're ready to challenge our friends, partners, and clients alike at a little table football... and hey, someday we might actually get pretty good at it, too :D

Photo 2013-05-03 2 44 26 PM

Photo 2013-05-03 2 44 19 PM

Photo 2013-05-03 2 42 45 PM

Photo 2013-05-03 2 57 34 PM

Photo 2013-05-03 3 25 41 PM

Photo 2013-05-03 3 13 50 PM

Photo 2013-05-03 3 31 10 PM