Happy Earthday 2010

Photo credit: NASA

Kyleigh woke me up this morning with "Happy EARTH DAY!" and a song about earth. It was pretty cool actually, even though it was 6am. So to honour that childhood enthusiasm, we are going to assemble the Visual Lizard BEST of Earthday right here.

The Official Earth Day Site

Head on over to http://www.earthday.org/ and jump in. They have several initiatives going on right now. Post your Act of Green on their homepage, sign the responsible climate declaration, and check out the Earth Day 2010 campaign.

Sustainable Sushi Pocket Guide

We eat a bit of sushi around here. This is a supper handy guide we use to try and keep our sushi habit as green as possible. Thanks Earth Defense Fund!

Urban Forest Map

This site is an awesome idea that is starting to happen. While not directly an Earth Day initiative, the site is attempting to map every tree in San Francisco. Every single tree! The best part about the site is that it is user driven and leans heavily on Google Maps to do handle the heavy lifting. Hopefully their beta opens to the public soon and we can start mapping our awesome urban forest here in Winnipeg.

40 Years of Earth Day Posters

What a great look back in time. Awesome.

Do your part for the planet. It is the only one we have.

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