On The Road To A New Web Site - Photography

In 1996, when we started Visual Lizard, we didn't have a web site. The Internet had just started to appear on the landscape of everyday use. In fact, at the time, there wasn't even a web host in Winnipeg that had a working server, but that is a different story. 

One of our first tasks after opening the doors, was to put up a web page no matter the effort. We worked on and learned about the web as we went. We built a site in good old HTML 3.2. Since 1996, we have had 7 official versions of VisualLizard.com.

For our upcoming VisualLizard.com version 8, we decided that we needed to get some proper team and staff shots done. Photography is important in helping convey our personality and who we are to our clients. In the past, we have been using pictures of the team that were taken at random intervals over a couple of years. They where alright, but the new site needs to take things up a level. We needed proper lighting, uniform focus, retouching of our ugliness, and, most importantly, someone who could hold a camera properly. Of course we turned to our long-time collaborator in Jerry Grajewski. Coincidentally we had just launched GrajewskiFotograph.com.

Our 1.5 hour photo shoot with Jerry was a ton of fun. We had some laughs. We all posed like the super models we are. We broke one of Jerry's lights. Well, we didn't break it directly. It died while trying to make Max visible. After all of that, we now have a great set of staff photos and an awesome team photo. The team photo is posted below to give you an idea of where our staff page on the new site is going to go. It should also give you an idea of what sort of wizard Jerry is, since we all look great. Thanks Jerry!

Visual Lizard Team 2010

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