Visual Lizard Launches the Nellie McClung Foundation Website

Visual Lizard is proud to officially announce the launch of for the Nellie McClung Foundation. We worked with our friends at KIK Strategy and Blindside Creative to bring it all together.

The site contains a wealth of information about Nellie McClung (Wikipedia link on Nellie McClung), but more importantly, it challenges us to remember that it was not so long ago that women were not considered persons in the eyes of the law. Nellie McClung helped to change that and forever change the course of history in Canada.

Some of the interesting bits of the site that we got to build, aside from a gorgeous design from Rob, are:

  • a special module for our Catalyst CMS to handle pull quotes, or specifically in this case, Words of Wisdom from Nellie.
  • a tool for creating a timeline from within Catalyst. You can see the public results at
  • an interesting system for managing source information which comprises the archives found at This area of the site is setup to allow it to grow to any size.
  • a tie into our email system so that the staff at the Foundation can manage their electronic mailing list, get stats back on what they send out, and much more. I'll save the specifics for when we launch our site around the mailing system (hint: look for a future post on that).
  • a special visual separation between the corporate site and the public site. We will let you discover that for yourself. Go exploring.

As always, we very proud to have a project we have worked on go live. It has been very busy around here of late, which is odd for mid-summer, but we love it. Cheers to everyone involved~!

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