Spontaneous Office Pizzas

For lunch, Dwayne had brought ingredients to make a small homemade pizza in our office kitchen. Since he is a generous cook and some of the rest of us had other fixings available, we all chipped in and it became a spontaneous office lunch!

We decided to share this unplanned kitchen cooperation over Twitter. Then decided to share it here on our blog through Twitter's embeddable tweet functionality, a new feature that allows web-savvy folk to include tweets and all associated functionality right into their content…

Twitter's embeddable tweets make for an interesting new way to bring social media onto websites. They provide multiple ways to support it, specifically an oEmbed endpoint, and some clean HTML for web visitors without javascript enabled. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that any extra content in the tweet (like the above images) is HTML code that is injected by Twitter's JS, so it might be picked up by social sharing sites when sharing your content (such as Facebook when looking for thumbnails).

As for the pizzas, they come out delicious… so much so that we didn't pause to take a picture of the final results. Right out of the oven, onto plates, and into our bellies. Mmm. If you are interested, you can read Dwayne's follow-up post for his pizza recipe! :)

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