If you, like us, have been using for internet access for one of our connections, you may or may not be aware that MTS has disabled their outbound mail servers. Head over to their site and review their service notice about disabling outbound mail.

What Does This Mean?

If you have your email setup to use MTS for sending email through SMTP.MTS.NET then you have to make a change.

If We Host Your Email

If you are hosted with Visual Lizard you can set your outbound mail server to either or

You will need to provide your full email address and your password.

Set the outbound mail port to 587

You should now be good to go.

If You Host Your Own Email Internally

If you are hosting your own email in-house, then you should already have your outbound email servers setup. Talk to your IT person at your company if things have stopped working. They will have more answers than we do.

If You Were Using MTS To Send Email At Home/Work and We Don't Host You

This one becomes a matter of choice. If you have been sending email through MTS from home or work, and this is no longer an option, then you can do a few things

  • Check with your hosting provider and find out what information they have for you and how you can send using your domain's outbound mail servers or your hosting provider's mail servers.
  • Setup multiple email addresses in your account or forward your email accounts to a account and then send all reply emails from there with a specific reply-to address. See Google's help on using multiple email accounts with gmail. If you go this route, then you can use Gmail's outbound mail servers, or you can use your website's outbound mail servers to send through.
  • Update your email account service with MTS to use email. See MTS' instructions on how to do this.
  • Switch to a different interent provider that offers outbound mail servers when you are connected to their network. This isn't very practical, but is an option if you want to explore other services.

As always, this is information on the internet. Use at your own risk and hopefully this information helps some of you.

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