Some Visual Lizard iPad Wallpapers

I recently upgraded to a third generation 16GB wifi iPad, which sports an amazing high definition screen. Everything looks absolutely amazing and crisp on it. Everything except all the 1024 pixel by 1024 pixel wallpapers I had downloaded previously. WIth the new iPad's retina display having double the pixels onscreen, they looked scaled up and blurry.

So I figured, if I had to replace my iPad lock screen wallpaper anyway, I may as well create my own. A vector-based EPS file of our lizard mascot and some work in Pixelmator, I made the following...

Click on any of the thumbnails above to download a 2048 pixel by 2048 pixel PNG file perfect for use as lock screens on normal or retina display enabled iPads. I haven't bothered to optimize the images though, so they are each around 4Mb; make sure you're connected through wifi if you're downloading them onto your iOS device.

Enjoy! :D

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