First week awesomeness

I have just completed my first week of a work placement at Visual Lizard, and i am delighted that I get to work with such a great team of web developers. During my Digital Media Design program at Red River I walked by their new Princess Street studio all the time and watched as it came together, never expecting I would have the opportunity to go inside.

In my short time at Visual Lizard I have had the opportunity to learn about web standards, a lot about sweet sweet 8 bit style art, web usability, and I’ve even had the chance to spend some time styling with CSS. I am really enjoying learning about their personal Content Management System called Catalyst 4. It has been created so that it can be customized to every clients wants and needs (pretty awesome). The team has also been really helpful by giving me an ongoing supply of useful information for my future in this industry.

Last week I got the chance to get to know the team when we went for lunch where I was introduced to Scotch eggs (a mind blowing experience for those who are wondering). 

Tonight, I have been invited to join the Visual Lizard team at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. I am so pumped for some good laughs and good times. The Comedy Festival is one of the many organizations that Visual Lizard sponsors along with the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Ronald McDonald House, Aboriginal Music and Manitoba Music. I also can't wait to be involved with a possible new app design this week as well. I am excited for my second week at Visual Lizard. Bring on week two. I am ready!

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