I bid farewell

As of today, my three-week work placement at Visual Lizard is complete. It has been an amazing experience. I’m sad to say goodbye, but I’m leaving with a ton of knowledge about the industry, work experience and lots of great memories.

During my time at Visual Lizard I have had the opportunity to see how a professional, hard-working and quality driven team works. The nice twist about Visual Lizard is that everyone makes time to be social, and have a good time.

I really enjoyed all of the projects I worked on. I had the chance to do some CSS styling, work on an awesome 8 Bit project (which I cant wait to see animated), I made a design for a really neat App that the team has been considering building, and I made a design for one of Visual Lizard's promotional webpages.

I also had the chance to have some fun with the team. We had lunch at the Kings Head, went for dinner at the Peasant Cookery and had a fun night at the Comedy Festival.

I want to thank everyone at Visual Lizard for all your help, time and for giving me this opportunity. You guys have made this an awesome experience for me.


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