Manitoba Lotteries gets a Revamp

Manitoba Lotteries has turned to local companies to give an updated look to their branding and web presence. A slick design using some of the latest technology that web standards has to offer. A design by Winnipeg branding company ClarkHuot / Cocoon and website programming by Visual Lizard Inc. has given this Provincial organization a brand new and modern look without having to look outside their own backyard to find the talent to make their site a reality.

The site has been built using standards in HTML5 and CSS3. The advantage to this are some very nice displays for standards compliant browsers while maintaining all of the functionality still needed for those few non-standards hold-outs like Internet Explorer 8 and earlier.

Several of the design elements take advantage of some of the latest styling standards found in CSS3. For instance the hover elements of the navigation have a transition effect associated to them. No cumbersome javascript! The browser itself handles the process rather than relying on javascript to do it which makes the animations far smoother. Use of transparency for design elements is also more prevalent both as CSS transparency and transparent or translucent graphics.

Part of our job is to bring the designs for the client to an interface reality. This is a good example of bringing functionality to the pretty.

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