Finding Sub-Domain Stats in Google Analytics

We here at Visual Lizard have some clients who have multiple sub-domains that they would like to track the Google Analytics statistics. The issue that we have come across in the past is that we might not want to set up a completely different account for those sub-domains. It is helpful to keep the overall statistics together for a full report on the domain as a whole.

For those of you who only make their way into Analytics on an infrequent basis looking for general visit and pageview numbers the statistics in the content breakdown area for a site can be a bit daunting to work your way through. Especially if you are looking for only a few specific statistics on a single sub-domain. The other day we were asked to find just that. I personally hadn't done that before, so I had to spend some time trying to find a way to display only the sub-domain statistics that I wanted. Below are the steps for doing just that.

  1. Login to Google Analytics
  2. Select the Site
  3. Select Content Under Standard Reports
  4. Open Site Content and Select All Pages
  5. Set dates in the top right of the right column (statistics for specified period)
  6. Below the graph set the Secondary dimension to Hostname
  7. Click Advanced next to the search field
  8. In the available field type the subdomain (
  9. Click Apply

Once you have the statistics you are after, you can bookmark the results like our client did. After that it will display the up to date information of that sub-domain and you won't have to go through hastle of setting up that search again.

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