Beards! Glorious Beards!

One of our intrepid web developers went on a well-deserved vacation a couple weeks ago. As the days went by, we looked upon his empty workspace and started to fret. How would we get along without his assistance, without his wisdom, without his magnificent beard?

Panic gripped us, madness started to set in. But with a flurry of scissors and construction paper, we finally came across a temporary solution...

Beards... Glorious beards, everywhere!

When our vacationing co-worker returned, he was mightily impressed with our emergency-beards... so much so that he partook of one himself.

Immediately, he felt his charisma and charm increase exponentially!

Emergency beard!

Naturally, with such results, the rest of us had to experience the magiks of these glorious beards!

What handsome fellows we all became! What dapper gentlemen!

Emergency cookie duster!

Emergency birds best!

Emergency hobo!

Emergency soup strainer!

Emergency chin moss!

Emergency hemingway!

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