A Day On The Links For Our Summer Newsletter Contest Winners

Way back in June, we ran a little contest via our newsletter. If you wanted a shot at winning a day on the course with Visual Lizard, you had to track through our website and find a golf ball that we had strategically hidden on the email campaigns page of our site.

The lucky winners of the all expense paid event where John and Russ. After doing some calendar juggling, we settled on a couple of dates. Our original date was rained out, but our backup date of September 10th was a nice as you can hope. With lots of sunshine, a gentle breeze and a forecasted high of 24°C, we met at Elmhurst Golf and Country Club for lunch. A few drinks, a clubhouse sandwich, some pulled pork, quesadillas and salad later, we were ready to hit the range for a little warm up.

At 1:20pm we took to the course. The very first tee box was rewarding as John did something none of us had ever seen before. His first swing at the ball sent his tee flying down the fairway, while the ball dropped right to the ground in front of him without moving an inch. We all had a good chuckle and John earned the nickname of "magician".

Over the course of the round, we had a few laughs, a few beverages, some good shots and some bad. Doug set a personal best for the course with 2 pars, a 45 on the back and a total score of 98. I set a personal worst (is that a thing?) with an 8 on a par 3. Elmhurst was in top shape for this time of year and with the leaves changing colours around the course, but still on the trees, it made for a pretty special afternoon away from the office.

Russ blasts out of the sand trap on 6.

John, Russ and Doug on the green at 7.

Doug off the tee at 18.

Julian, Doug, Russ and John after 18.

Doug and I wanted to thank John and Russ for coming out and being such good sports. We had a great time with the contest idea, as well as the event. We plan to do more of these types of things in the future, so thanks for making it a great day.

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