Happy Holidays and So Long 2013

Hey there Everyone,

Can you believe that 2013 is just 2.5 weeks from over as of this writing? Time has become this unstoppable river of events blending from one to the next. The saying "The days are long, but the years are short" by Gretchin Rubin in her Happiness Project book, was clearly written by someone that doesn't work on the internet for a living. We work, and live, at the speed of light. With that being said, we really appreciate the holidays and our downtime.

Music for Your Holiday Get-Togethers

In case you are not on our very infrequent mailing list, we put together our favourite tunes to help get us into that holiday spirit. Point your trusy web-navigational-device at http://www.visuallizard.com/christmas/ and turn up your speakers!

Hint: you can sign up below by sending us a quick comment and checking the box to receive emails once in awhile. We sometimes do really fun things in those emails!

We Built You a Little Game To Play

In keeping with our love of building things for the internet and computers, we put together a little Holiday themed memory match game. Until Dec.17, you can enter once per day for a chance at some New Year's Eve Jets tickets. After that you can keep on playing as much as you like. Try and beat your best time!

Holiday Hours

Visual Lizard will be closed from December 20th through to January 5th. We will return to normal business hours on January 6th, refreshed, recharged and ready to tackle 2014. During that time if you need emergency assistance, please call 204-957-5520 and follow our auto-attendant's instructions.

A Big Thank You

Over the course of 2013, we have worked with some terrific people all across Canada. To everyone that believes in us and lets us solve problems for a living, we raise our glass to you and say thanks! We hope you have a terrific holiday, with wonderful memories, warm moments and lots of fun. 

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Julian, Doug, Ross, Wil, Max, Dwayne and Lauren

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