Holiday Memories Results

Hello everyone!

Our holiday themed contest is over and we've randomly drawn a lucky entry from the hundred and twenty submissions. A big congratulations to Shannon W., winner of the News Year's Eve Winnipeg Jets tickets. Shannon, don't worry, we'll be in contact with you to get you your prize!

It looks like our little game was pretty popular with everyone who reads our newsletter and follows us on social media. And it kept many of you busy, too! In the seven days the contest ran, visitors flipped seventeen thousand three hundred total cards, making over twenty-five hundred matches… and over six thousand mismatches. Hey, forty percent isn't bad, right? :)

It took visitors an average of ten minutes to win the game, with an average of one hundred and fifteen flips per game. Two people managed to tie for the quickest game, matching all the cards in a stunning one minute and twenty seconds! Wow, guys… I still can't beat two minutes thirty! I obviously need more practice.

Speaking of which, we're going to leave the game up for anyone to play. The contest is wrapped up, so you won't be able to submit an entry upon completion, but we did add a new feature. Now, the game will remember how long it took you to complete a round and compare it to your personal best time. Think of it as a New Year's goal for the holiday ;)

From all of us at Visual Lizard, congratulations to Shannon and a big thank you to everyone who played!

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