OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug

Hello everyone,

If you are online at all you have heard about the bug in OpenSSL called Heartbleed. For the technical details you can visit OpenSSL's news release. If you are interested in an easier to understand write up, you can visit In a nutshell, this bug in OpenSSL allows your encrypted data to be read.

Rest assured, that our security team had our servers patched within hours of this bug being made public. If we are hosting your domain, you are not at risk.

If we are not hosting your domain, you should ask your hosting provider if you are at risk. There are a bunch of versions of OpenSSL that do not have this bug, so it is possible that older infrastructure is running a version of OpenSSL that is immune.

Again, our hosting services are not at risk and have been updated via backporting. To find out more about backporting, you can check out

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