Setting up a Springloops Git Repository in Coda 2

We've been poking around using Git as source control for a few projects and recently ran into a bit of head-scratching while trying to configure a Coda project with a Springloops Git repository. 

We regularly set up Coda 2 with our Springloops SVN repositories, and have even set up GitHub and BitBucket repos in Coda in the past as well. 

The Problem

The problem we ran into was that Springloops usernames are email addresses, and Coda only asks for your Git URL and password. This means your username needs to be included in the URL.

With a GitHub account, this isn't an issue - the URL will look something like

The Solution

After some trial and error we determined that the trick with a username which is an email address is to URL encode it before inserting it into the repo URL.

Take note that with the Springloops URL the order is hostname, colon, URL encoded email address, rest of repo URL. For example:

Springloops Git URL:

Coda URL:

Happy Coding!

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