Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017

Hey there Everyone,

We are 9 short days from turning the page on 2016 and kicking off a brand, shiny, new 2017. We can not wait to be rid of 2016. We have had a great year, but globally, it has been a bit of a cluster. Good riddance 2016!

Holiday Hours

With that said, we are going to be taking a break from December 23, 2016 through to January 4, 2017. If you host with us, fear not, we keep the servers monitored 24/7 and will likely know about any issues before you do. During that time if you need emergency assistance, please call 204-957-5520 and follow our auto-attendant's instructions.

Recharging our metaphorical batteries is a very important part of working in the technology world and without it, we wouldn't be able to work as hard as we do on all your amazing projects.

Thank You

As always, we couldn't work on the internet for a living without all the wonderful people we get to work with. It is because of you that we exist. Know that we will be thinking of you over the break, and that there will be a toast raised to you. We wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a wonderful, safe, fun, and happy holiday season.

Happy Holidays Everyone! See you in 2017!


Julian, Doug, Ross, Wil, Max, Dwayne and Lauren

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