Some National Press Coverage

For the last 16 months we have been under an Last Thursday, March 16th, 2006, the CBC, the Toronto Star, local TV news and others on hand for the press conference, the project was unveiled in detail. After an hour and half, all questions had been answered and many gigs of digital photos had been taken of the entire CTRNET board.

Since the press conference, we have had many national news agencies cover the project. <a title="\"see" the="" related="" links="" in="" sidebar="" for="" national="" news="" articles.\"="" href="\" _cke_saved_href="\"\"">Please visit the case study for links to these articles.</a></acronym></acronym></p> <p>Look for further work on this project in the coming months as we move into Phase 2 of development for the site and its systems.</p><p></p>

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