Plug it in!

Apparently Toyota has been listening to some of the ideas being voiced about making their hybrid cars even better. Instead of using just the kinetic energy of the car and the charging ability of the gas engine, Toyota is considering adding the ability to plug in the car to recharge the battery that runs the electric motor. The only thing that is missing now is the high speed charging available in capacitors.

Looking at the technology coming out over the last couple of years, I find it astounding that all car manufacturers are not trying to clamber on to the hybrid (potentially fully electric) band wagon. Can you imagine not having to use fuel at all and the ability to almost instantly recharge your car’s capacitor by plugging into the power grid? One hopes that the oil industry will realize that they are not in the oil industry, but in the energy industry and will make the turn and try to lead the way in this potentially planet saving endeavour. Until then, cross your fingers and give your consumer dollars to companies that are working for the future.

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