CSS Remix By Night

Fred By Night, the live action Vampire: The Masquerade chronicle web site Reddz and I launched last week has been featured on CSS Remix. I only noticed by the sudden spike in traffic logs, as we receive a collection of click-overs.

According to thier about page, CSS Remix is...

CSS Remix celebrates the dynamic innovation and creativity of designers who are on the forefront of css-based design. We honor those designers who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and who are reinventing our ideas of what great web design can be.

I’ve submitted a couple sites to CSS Remix and Fred by Night is the first that has ever been accepted. It means I am improving, and am recognized by at few of my peers.

Thanks to those who rated the site, good or otherwise. :)

Update, June 22: Fred By Night is now also being featured on CSS Mania, another CSS gallery site.

Update, June 24: Fred By Night is now also being featured on Light On Dark, a gallery site that focuses on sites that use light text on dark backgrounds.

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