Blog for February 2006

Th-is-th-is-th-is-is-sticky Situation...

The full new releases list was finally available to the Canadian iTunes Music Store and, despite the store being nearly unusable due to heavy traffic, I was able to get Danko Jones’s new album, Sleep Is The Enemy.

Some people who are really into music and have better developed hearing than I would compare the discs to older discs, or compare the music to other acts. I am not one of those people. To tell the truth, I had never really heard of Danko Jones before today except in passing. I will say this, though: I love this entire album. The best, kick-ass rock album I’ve heard since Jet.

Ten bucks Canadian on the iTunes Music Store. I highly recommend it!

US Patent Awarded for "Rich Internet Applications"

Well, this is fun news for everyone that has been building web applications (most web sites would actually fall under the scope of this patent) for the last .. oh, lets say .. the last decade. from this article at InformationWeek

All I can hope is that this gets sold to someone who actually cares about making the internet a better, more useful, experience for users and not someone who is looking to put a stranglehold on the entire show.

Conversely, can anyone get a patent for anything these days? It's as if the US patent clerks have never even used the internet if they feel that this patent application is fair and has merit for approval. Maybe I'll run out and try to patent driving. Not the cars people drive, but just the act of driving. Then I can sell the patent for the act of driving to a major car manufacturer and they can enforce a fee every time someone gets into a car, starts it and moves it. Sounds reasonable to me.