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Daily Links

Christmas Party 2009 Wrap-Up

Like our email invite to our party stated, these things are rare. Doug and I were trying to think back to the last time we had an all client party. To the best of our recollection it was 6 years ago in 2003. Way back when Pockets was open. We really should do these more often.

Parties like this are really two fold. We get to have fun while we clean the office from top down and then we get to have fun again when everyone drops by. So we wanted to say "Thank you!" to everyone for dropping by and saying hello. We hope you got enough food and had a chance to catch up with us.

As the final bit to wrap up the party, we have posted our pictures. They start on Thursday, December 3rd with our clean up and end late on December 5th as we turned out the lights. Check them out over at flickr or click the big thumbnail image below.


Winners From The Door Prize Draw Announced

Congratulations to:

They each took home a nice bottle of wine and one of our Visual Lizard promotional wine cases with tools. Hopefully they will come in handy over the holidays.

We still have our Christmas Jukebox at - Enjoy it as much as you like and if you have any requests for next year, feel free to leave your song requests/suggestions in the comments below.

Happy Holidays and all the best in 2009!