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Launch Of The New Website

Originally launched way back in 2002, the website has been an invaluable resource for both the Manitoba Music organization and for musicians throughout the province. We were happy to help establish their site online way back when, we were overjoyed to work with them again in 2006, and now we are proud to revamp and relaunch the site for 2011! Homepage

Working closely with Manitoba Music and Guppy Design, the new site takes many of the popular elements of the previous iteration and makes them easier to get at, easier to navigate, and easier to enjoy. A light-weight design and a robust-but-simple layout allows the site to not only look great in modern-day browsers, but on your mobile device as well. Go ahead, try it on your iPhone! New Music Releases

With the rise of social media, it only made sense for to take advantage of many of the great tools and functionality being made available today. From updating Twitter feeds in their sidebar and Facebook-powered commenting, to freely available RSS and ICAL feeds, is a site that connects with you and helps you stay connected with all your favourite local talent! Live Music Calendar

Manitoba Music site admins not only have access to a great deal of data, but thanks to a carefully constructed administrative system, they can access and share that data however and wherever they like all over the site. An audio track can appear on a band's profile, as a downloadable track, and on the streaming radio in a matter of moments! Member Profile

The best part is how the site encourages both its visitors and its members to engage online. Many of the same tools available to site admins are now at the fingertips of the organization's members, allowing them to add images, audio tracks, online video, news stories, and social media to their profiles. Join Form

Visual Lizard and Guppy Design continues to work closely with Manitoba Music, refining an already great site. Thanks to a responsive layout, a clean modern design, and a powerful admin system powered by our Catalyst CMS, both and her sister site are on the road to another great couple of years on the web!

Daily Links

Daily Links

Mark Pilgrim Has Removed Himself From the Internet

Mark Pilgrim, a long time voice on the internet and author of many of the sites we have visited over the years, has pulled the switch and removed all his digitial works. Every last one of them has gone dark. 

Apprently this has kicked up a search, headed by Eric Meyer - see his post - that led to the police being called. Which, in reality, is a good thing. There is precedent that software developers / programmers can suffer burn out and then commit info-cide followed by suicide. Wikipedia page (considered for deletion) with a list.

Right now, this entire thing is a little bit of drama on WWW, but it sure feels alot like _why's disapparence in 2009. 

If you are a fan of Mark's work (and you should be), some of his stuff is now being mirrored on GitHub. Here are a handful of links:


To Mark, thanks for all the words. The internet is a better place for most people because of the work you helped us produce. Here is to finding what you are looking for. Cheers.

The Importance of Vacation Time

So I am back from my vacation. Believe it or not this is the first time I have ever gone away for a vacation. Until now I had always thought that time off was a vacation. I now know that this is not the case. Over the last decade and a bit my "vacation" has always been free time at home by myself, and while this can be relaxing, it is not really the refreshing time off that has been described to me by others.

This time however I went away! I visited my girlfriend in Toronto! I had not been to Toronto since I was 8 years old, so this was a new experience for me. And while I did the basic touristy things, I also figured out what a vacation is supposed to be. I didn't think about work. I didn't worry about phone calls and emails. I took the time to be myself and experience some of life that I don't often get to see.

Now that I am back at work, i do feel refreshed and refocused. I am not feeling the pressure that sometimes gets to the point where it makes you want to snap. If you are reaching a point where you feel in danger of saying something you will regret at work, it is best to ask to take a day off or use your vacation time. I now understand why vacation time is necessary and I am glad that my bosses insist that we take the time.

Steve Jobs Has Died

It has been announced today that Steve Jobs has died. We all knew he was ill. He had somehow managed to avoid death for 8 years after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We all hoped he would last forever.

One of the bright lights in the world has gone out. Steve Jobs was someone to pattern yourself after. He took risks. He believed in what he was doing. He believed in making the world change, regardless of whether it was ready to or not. I can only hope that Apple can carry his vision forward for years to come.

Macrumors has a wonderful post up that you should all go read. has updated their site with a stunning tribute.

President Barack Obama's press release is also worth a read.

Ken Segal has remixed "The Crazy Ones" ad as a tribute to Steve Jobs. Watch below:

Thanks for making the tools we use on a daily basis. Thanks for being a champion of great design. Thanks for having a love for stories and being a great story teller. Thanks for making font a word normal people know. Thanks for being able to execute on your vision. You have inspired more than you will ever know.

Rest In Peace Steve. Until next time.

Daily Links

Daily Links

Daily Links

Daily Links

Daily Links

Daily Links