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How to Force Spotlight to Reindex A Volume

If you use Apple hardware and run OS X, you may encounter a mildly annoying Spotlight issue from time to time where it will not find a file, or an app.

To correct this issue, there are two things you can try. The first is described in this post ( by Apple. They tell you to use System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy (tab). If you drag a folder or hard drive to the Privacy tab, then remove it from there, Spotlight will reindex that item. Sometimes this works.

The second option, which gives you a lot more control, is to fire up the trusty command line found in Applications > Utilities > Terminal and run a couple of commands. The command in question is:

sudo mdutil -E

The -E flag forces Spotlight to erase (hence E) the indicated volume information. If you want to be more specific, such as a folder with your writing in it, or your Applications, you can tailor mdutil as follows:

sudo mdutil -E /volume/path/to/folder

As with all things run in the terminal, when they work, there is no feedback. You just end up back at the command prompt wondering what's up.

For more information on the mdutil functions, you can hit up the Apple Developer documents on mdutil

Note: This is advice on the internet, use at your own risk.

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Closed in Observance of Remembrance Day

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are closed in observance of Rememberance Day. We will return to business as usually on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. 

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New Media Manitoba Press Conference

On November 1st, Visual Lizard is playing host to a New Media Manitoba press conference, where the 2012 census results for our industry will be unveiled. Also, we're proud to have Provincial Minister Dave Chomiak of Innovation, Energy and Mines, and Dave Angus; CEO of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce in our offices, both of whom will be presenting and speaking at the event.

There are a lot of people here, all of who are as excited as we are to hear about New Media Manitoba's Manitoba's New Media Strategy, and their three priorities as to where this industry is headed for both Winnipeg and Manitoba. We'll try to post #nmmunveil tweets here as we seem them...

At his point, the event took a short pause to feature a video produced by Handcraft Media

After the video, the presentation moved away from the New Media Census results, and onto the subject of a new strategy…

The event started at 10am and wrapped up about an hour and a half later to a room full of excited creative people. New Media Manitoba outlined a three priorities that they will be tackling in the immediate future, with a tagline of "Brilliance Of Exchange".

The first priority is mentorship, helping students come out of secondary and post-secondary education better prepared for the new media industry, and giving employers assistance to hire and train these incoming people. The second priority is a sales portal, a way to help burgeoning freelancers, organizations, and companies expand within and beyond the province of Manitoba. The third priority is a co-work facility somewhere within the Exchange, possibly with presentation areas, boardroom spaces, recording studios, etc, providing a physical place for individuals to meet and cooperate and collaborate.

The event wrapped up with a lot of energy. If you couldn't make it, don't worry… New Media Manitoba will be posting a full report, along with notes, slides, and video, to their website later this afternoon!

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