Introducing a content management system made with you in mind

You shouldn't have to conform to tools made for someone else. You shouldn't have to settle on some features just to struggle with the rest. You shouldn't be confused any time you update your company's website, or worried that you might break your product catalog. 

You just need a tool to get your work done. Straight forward, without sacrifice.

We worked with award-winning design firms, to make a flexible system that handles any modern layout. We worked with clients to build a framework around their unique needs. We worked within principles we care about, and we included the functionality everyone's looking for. 

Introducing Catalyst, a robust system built for your needs and for your website.

It's Made For Your Use

Navigation mirrors your site, context-specific editors designed to easily manage content. Catalyst is a system design for administrators, putting your regular use front and centre.

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It's Made For Your Work

Catalyst has strong foundations of open-source software and secure hosting, to build your project on. From white-board to website, Catalyst works without getting in your way.

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It's Made For Your Needs

We examine Catalyst every year and make sure everything is doing what needs to be done. Diligent research and passionate programming sees a framework for your needs on today's internet.

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It's Made For Your Project

Whatever your site needs to do, there is a plugin that can meet that specification. From the common to the obscure, Catalyst has the context and editors to work within your project's requirements.

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