Form, Fashion, And Features

We made Catalyst simple to use without sacrificing desirable features or important functionality. This means we crammed in all the meaty goodness a solid CMS should deliver, without it all getting in your way.

Administrators And Permissions

You don’t want just anyone flipping switches. Catalyst comes with configurable roles for adminstrators, letting you define who gets how much access to what.

These roles range from full administrative access to simple content management,  information arhcitecture and page templates, all the way down to simple meta data editing. All this while, and conforming to your organization’s unique hierarchy and requirements… rather than your organization conforming to it.

Schemas and Structured Data

All content, whether basic pages or specific modules, are constructed via logical and portable data structures.

Databases have been hand-built so individual data types (such as articles, events, profiles, etc) are structured and saved in their own datatables with human-readable descriptors. Catalyst avoids grouping separated datatypes in the same structure/definitions, for faster system response, better integration support, and cleaner backups. 

Multi-site Support

Sharing data between multiple websites? Managing multiple language support through separate sites? Generating microsites for marketing, support, or events? Catalyst makes it easy to keep a handle on all of them!

Catalyst supports one-to-many sites with the only limit encountered being physical server system resources. Our content management system was designed from the ground up to be multi-site functional without suffering noticeable dips in performance.

Individual sites can be managed by any combination of administrators, based on assigned permissions. Each can share layouts or sport their own individual themes. And its a snap to assign any number of individual site its own domain name, letting them present themselves as their own entity.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a matter of making sure search engines can find as much of your content as possible.

Catalyst uses your copy to set meta tags, build XML sitemaps, and properly lay out a DOM outline. Well structured HTML lets well written content rank as best as it is capable. It’s also built on human-readable URLs, using aliases that you set and manage yourself. This makes every page in your website easier to find by search engines and by real people.

And of course, if you require a more hands on approach, the tools are there for you to tweak as needed. Catalyst allows for in-site SEO within the meta data areas of each page on the site. Managing keywords, descriptions, and custom OpenGraph and Twitter meta-tag for sharing. Individual modules can be customized to allow specific meta tage overrides, though Catalyst is built to best manage those automatically based on web best-practices.

Traffic Analysis

How will you know if your site is doing well? Catalyst comes integrated with free traffic analytics, backed by Google’s world-class platforms.

Site installations are connected to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console, allowing you to track every page’s visitors, what sort of browser and technology are used, how long people are engaged with your site.