Handmade Functionality

This means you get a strong, lean CMS... and a team that knows it inside and out.

Legacy Without The Legacy Code

Catalyst has been evolving since 2001, keeping up with ever-changing web standards and ever-changing real-world requirements. Catalyst has been through four major revisions, with regular feature updates throughout. But every one of those revisions started at the drawing board, literally.

The best way to stay fresh is to start fresh. Every year, we examine Catalyst top to bottom and make sure everything is doing exactly what's needed. When we want more out of it, we rebuild the whole thing. In a flurry of whiteboards, research, and passionate programming, we create a new version that work with today’s internet. We look at open-source frameworks, available databases, programming techniques, JS libraries, HTML and CSS standards.

We choose the best parts to build you the best tools.

Open-Source All The Way

No one likes being stuck. That’s why we've built Catalyst on open-source platforms. We construct a stellar content management system unhindered, and you enjoy it with no strings attached.

Catalyst is coded in PHP on top of the CakePHP framework, powered by a MySQL database engine, and backed by Apache server running on a Linux operating system. We’re supported by thousands of contributors who continually test and improve these ongoing open-source projects.

This also means there're no hidden gotchas, no shady usage licenses. If you need to move on, the site is yours to take. Lock, stock, and barrel.

More Than Just A Pretty CMS

When we work with you, we go farther than just building a website. Catalyst is hosted on closed servers that we keep an eye on twenty-four seven.

With constant monitoring, strict layers of automated security, and regular audits, this gives our clients peace of mind. And like our Catalyst system, we customize the service package to your specific needs.