A Plugin For Every Purpose

A website is made of all kinds of different content. Doesn't it makes sense to treat it all differently?

We constructed Catalyst around a core structure, with each page displaying content through individual customizable plugins. These plugins can be laid out as needed and can handle data in their own unique ways.

This provides administrators with editors that make sense to the context they're managing. This means purposely-built plugins purposely-built for your use.


A common way to support your site is by providing advertising space. Catalyst supports Google Adwords, open source third-party systems, and other custom built tools. Set date ranges, page specific appearances, sidebar skyscrapers, header and footer banners, random rotations, and traffic analysis. Make sure you have the tools to support your advertising model.

Articles and Content

Catalyst gives you as much control as you need, from the president’s address to that clever little tagline in the footer. By integrating a powerful what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor, the system ensures you have maximum flexibility without compromising your site’s carefully crafted design.


Your blog is your site’s personal voice. Writing regular content in a casual, friendly way is an excellent way to keep your audience interested. Get feedback with built-in commenting and share out with social media integration, like Facebook’s Social Graph.

Calendar of Events

Whether it’s your hours of operation, the upcoming office party, or the daily activities your organization sponsors, it’s about keeping your visitors informed. As a readable list, a classic month view, as optional RSS and iCAL feeds, Catalyst’s event plugin is one of the most flexible tools in your arsenal.

Contact Forms

Provide a way for people to get in touch with you. Catalyst gives you multiple fields, labels, responses, and layouts to choose from. From long registration forms to the shortest, punchiest suggestion boxes, we have you covered. And have all form submissions emailed directly to whichever inbox it needs to get to.

Discussion Forums

Support a large audience by providing online forums for them to voice their opinions. Plug in a popular third-party solution or customize functionality to fill your needs. Hooked up with a member login, you can manage multiple topics, commenting threads, moderators, and more to get keep discussions flowing.

Document Libraries

User manuals, annual reports, media galleries, league gamesheets, registration forms, any file format. Easy to upload, easy to maintain, allowing you to categorize and sort as required, lock it behind password protection, and track how each file is downloaded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perfect for providing online help, the tool allows you to organize a series of common questions and clear, detailed answers for your site’s audience. Flexible listing and a full set of editors let you provide text, links, images, or any content that is most informative.

Members Only Areas

Give your organization’s members a backdoor pass to their own password-protected area. Provide them with documents, media, or even their own specialized editors to manage an online profile.

News and Archives

Post news, announcements, invitations, and more through Catalyst’s robust news functionality. Write drafts that auto-publish in the future. Have articles sort themselves into archives after a specified amount of time. Allow site visitors to comment on article, or share them with included RSS feeds.

Photo and Video Galleries

Pull your media in from existing services like Flickr, Instagram, Youtube, and Vimeo. Or if you’re not signed-up to a social media site, Catalyst’s built-in gallery plugins stand ready to be your scrapbook.


Get feedback with an online poll, either from the visiting public or registered members. Get your audience participating and communicating with pre-scheduled questions, multiple choices, and beautifully charted results.


Show everyone what you’re working with. Or what you're working on, whichever the case may be. With categories, subcategories, multiple photos, description write-ups, and more, Catalyst makes it as straight forward as possible to share your portfolio with all your future customers and clients.

Product Catalogs

A large and flexible tool easily tailored to your products’ needs. Set as many categories as you require for organization and sorting. Promote your merchandise with photo galleries, full descriptions, specific dimensions, and more. Provide visitors with ways to choose exactly what they want with lists of colours, sizes, and other options. When linked to a Catalyst shopping cart, this tool helps you sell all your wares online.

Get site visitors where they’re going by giving them links into or out of your website. Perfect for prominent sidebar areas, seasonal homepage navigation, calls to action, and more. Easily managed on either a page-by-page or a site-wide basis.

Catalyst makes sure your audience finds what they are looking for without hassle. Handy for a couple pages, invaluable for large sites, and handled automatically with zero maintenance from you. Designed to play well with traffic analysis and search engine optimization.

Shopping Carts

Have tickets to sell? An app to distribute? Some products to ship? More business is being conducted online every year. Catalyst cooperates with Stripe, Paypal, Bambora, Moneris, and more. Sell through a stand-alone form or with a complete product catalog for a full-fledged shopping cart.


Catalyst already helps you with your pages and navigation, so it isn’t much of a stretch for it to craft an overview of your site’s structure. Useful for providing visitors a tree-like outline of all your content and good ju-ju for search engine optimization.

Social Media Feeds

Part of having an online presence is participating in social media. Catalyst brings some of that interaction back to your site, pulling in your feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and more.

Staff Profiles

Be proud of the people you work with! Share your co-workers with the rest of the world with cleanly displayed job titles, photos, quotes, up-to-date vcards, and more, all of which are managed by administrators or the staff members themselves.