We're Here If You Need Us

Visual Lizard has been building things on the internet since 1996. We take great pride in the code we write and in the work we produce. We've been creating within this rapidly changing medium for a long time. And, as with everything we do, we learn as we go, because that's the nature of our industry.

But we don't want to be factory line-workers, building out-of-the-box frames and bolting off-the-shelf pieces. We don't want to assemble... we want to craft. We want to work with you to make something with purpose. We want to understood inside and out, and we want to make do what you need it to do.

And if you ever need a hand, we’re right here to help! 

Watch and learn

Every Catalyst installation comes with PDF documentation briefly going over how the system works. But sometimes its easier to show than to tell. 

We host a collection of online videos that review all of Catalyst's content management tools. From updating administrator permissions to uploading to your document library, we keep an ever-growing series of short tutorial videos that walk you through each step. From common tasks to obscure functionality, it freely available online to clients like you.

Project management done right

We hook up every Catalyst installation to Basecamp, the online project management system we use for development and support.

Fill out a short form right from your site’s administrative area and we get notified by email. That message gets logged within Basecamp, where we create to-do items, track time, upload files, and do everything else required to get you what you need.

We're only a phone call away

We're not shy! You can even get ahold of us directly by email, by phone, or even by dropping on by our offices. Take a peek at our contact information.