Usability With You In Mind

Catalyst was crafted for you, not for us. Its administrative system is designed for getting at your content, so you can quickly update your website. Its navigation is laid out to mirror your site, making it easier for you to get at what you’re looking for. It puts your use at the forefront, and leaves all the fidgety things behind the scenes where they belong.

Content Management, First And Foremost

The trouble with some website editors is they don’t seem to be built for you. They have configurations you’re told not to touch, they have complicated workflows to handle what should be easy tasks, they have interfaces that are as obtuse as they are colourful... its like the system was made for coders, with you as an afterthought.

Some tools are valuable to designers and developers when a site's in its infancy, but they're used infrequently after a successful launch. Catalyst tucks all that away, like construction workers taking down the scaffolding; its all still there if you need a new coat of paint, but you won’t be tripping over it every time you go to check the mail.

Find What You’re Looking For

Content can be complicated stuff to manage, especially if we're talking about hundreds of individual pages. That’s why Catalyst’s navigation mirrors the structure of your website.

From top to bottom, getting around the admin screens is as easy as getting around your own site. Blog articles are on your blog page, right where you expect them to be. The tools to customize your contact form are on your contact page, where they should be. Need to add or move a page? Just pick where it goes and go at it! Finding what you’re looking for is as easy as looking where it makes logical sense to be.

And because every Catalyst installation is customized, everything is laid out exactly as you need them. We work with you to make sure the tools you use work best with your website and your workflow. If you’re planning to update a big picture on the homepage every day, then that tool is quick to access. If the phone numbers in the footer rarely change, then you don’t need those editors underfoot.

Do What You Want Without Breaking What You Have

The look and feel of your website isn’t an accident. It’s been carefully crafted, reviewed, approved, and built by you, your organization, and your design partners. It shouldn’t come flying apart the first time you upload a picture that's a bit too big.

Catalyst provides what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editors that let site admins edit their content in a word-document-like environment. Add headings, bolding, links, images, all with a familiar set of tools. We take care of the rest on the front end – making sure that whatever content you add you’re still left with a beautiful and functional website – just like you wanted.