CentrePort Canada

This is an archived version of this project. It represents an previous iteration of the site, and is kept for historical purposes. Click here to see the latest version.


CentrePort Canada

CentrePort came to us to give their site a new up-to-date design and to provide them with our intuitive Catalyst CMS. Working with one of our design partners we provided a new look and feel with a number of functional additions and improvements relative to the previous version of their site.

A Comprehensive Directory

We worked with CentrePort on a new site structure to help them focus more closely on their target audience of organizations and businesses looking to locate or relocate to Winnipeg. We provided a new structured way to supply their directory of businesses to visitors. The new system allows them to update their directory quickly so that it is always current.

A New News Display

CentrePort wanted to refocus their news section to more accurately reflect the kind of stories associated to their organization. The story display has a consistent structure and any new stories have the option to display a large banner image associated to the story. There is now also an archive structure available so that the visitor can quickly access past stories without having to scroll through a long list of stories.

Relevant Documents

CentrePort now has a structured document library where they can store their annual reports, business plans, policies, and by-laws. The structure provides a consistent look that makes the lists of documents easily scannable for quick access. This library also allows for the display of external links that are relevant to the category under which they are applied. An associated piece of functionality also allows these documents to be applied and displayed in a "Related Information" section on each page.

The Real Estate

We provided a structured administrative interface for this functionality. The quick glance and structured display gives the visitor a rough idea of the real estate they are looking at with links to the firms representing those properties. The site administrators can keep this section of the site up to date with minimal effort. The consistent structure means that the staff don't need to spend their time trying to layout the look of the page, and can just concentrate on getting the information to the visitor.