College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Manitoba


A bright new look.

The previous version of this site had served the College well over the years, but it was time for an update with a way for the staff to easily maintain and update the content within their site. The information for their membership was reorganized and optimized for easy navigation and included a shift in how the copy was presented to reflect the diversity of the professionals looking for membership to the College.

An updated Resources section with a structured categorization of documents, college by-laws, and policies resulted in the user being able to quickly skim the categories for the information they needed. An enhanced search functionality allowed for the searching of document descriptions within the Resouces to help users find the documents they need quickly.

The member login which is part of a separate site was designed to be highly visible in the header of the site, and the quick contact phone numbers in the header are using standardized link functionality for use on mobile devices.

While the vast majority of their users are still accessing the site on desktops and laptops, the standardizing of a responsive design was part of the development process and the site is fully accessible on tablets and smartphones.