College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba


Leadership and Innovation

CRNM's website had hundreds of pages spread out over multiple levels, in a structure that was difficult to navigate. We worked with their internal designers to not only give the site a fresh look, but also reorganize and reprioritize its content. Like the college itself, we strive to be and do the very best!

Working Openly and Honestly

The key use of the website is for CRNM to communicate with their members and their audience. The homepage reflects this idea best, with multiple ways for site admiinistrators to focus attention onto events, deadlines, and news.

A feature banner at the top can act as a billboard, complete with countdowns to important dates. The 'Whats New' boxes help site visitors find time sensitive information, like membership renewals or upcoming exams. The 'Events' and 'Webinars' lists direct visitors to past, current, and upcoming events that would be of interest to them.

Finally, the site navigation can easily be browsed trhough the drop-down menu at the top and the fully-expanded structure in the footer.

Stay In Touch

A staright-forward staffing module lets CRNM site administrators easily maintain a staff directory online. Grouped by department and sorted by title, this functionality allow site visitors to quickly see CRNM's organization structure and contact the person they need.

Documents, Legislation, Forms, and more

There's a lot of paperwork behind registered nursing and its associated regulation. To make all that paperwork easier to manage, the CRNM website has a built in document library.

All documents, whether their Excel sheets, PDR documents, or even website URLs, can be sorted and stored into the document library. Categorization and tagging make it easier for site visitors to filter and find the documents they are looking for.

And CRNM site administrators can share documents from the library to any other page in the site. With simple checkboxes synced with the site navigation, an administrator can share one-to-many documents to page, appearing in a 'Related Documents' area on those pages.

How To Get A Hold Of Us

Communicating to their membership and audience is important, but we ensured that CRNM could themselves be reached as easily as possible.

A javascript map lives in the footer of every page, pinpointing the CRNM physcial address within the city. Also in the footer, phone numbers and mailing addresses are prominently displayed.

And a simple contact form can be reached with a clear header link, allowing site visitors to send email directly to CRNM represenatives whenever they need.