A Car Buying Experience

We worked with Guppy Design to bring DJ Cruz's relaxed atmosphere to the internet. No oversized, impersonal showrooms here, just a clean to-the-point website that lets visitors explore an online car inventory. And thanks to the Catalyst content management system, site amdinistrators can list vehicles online almost as fast as they are driven off the lot!

Step Onto Our Lot

The Catalyst content management system brings DJ Cruz's car lot directly to your screen, right from the start.

An abbreviated form acts as a direct call-to-action, getting site visitors to search through the online vehicle inventory right from the homepage. Also, administrators can populate a sliding banner gallery, providing the homepage with great visuals and guiding visitors into the site. And editable text throughout means DJ Cruz's can tweak their site's SEO right from their site's secure editors.

Find What You Are Looking For

DJ Cruz's growing list of vehicles is a breeze to explore thanks to plentiful search filtering options.

A series of pulldowns in the sidebar let site visitors filter and sort the full online inventory to the specifications they are looking for. These pulldowns are managed by Dj Cruz administrators and refined by the vehicles currently listed online.

Automatic pagination at the bottom lets visitors flip through the car results, and unique URLs gives them the ability to bookmark any page of search results or specific vehicles at any time.

And Features

When looking at an individual car, truck, or trailer, the profile is laid out in a minimal presentation that makes it incredibly easy to review.  Asking price, full description, warranty information, and feature list are cleanly given to site visitors without fuss; the vehicle is allowed to speak for itself!

In addition, each vehicle profile includes a javascript-powered gallery of images. Administrators don't have to worry about file sizes, image dimensions, or creating individual thumbnails, though! The Catalyst content management system takes care of all that based on the design of the site, ensuring a professional and consistent presentation to every photo.

Helping People Just Like You

We provided DJ Cruz with a flexible form-creation tool that builds both their Contact form and Auto Financing form. It gives them the power to add, manage, and remove form fields as needed. They can change text fields to pulldowns, provide clearer labels or instructions, re-order the fields for clarity, and even customize the resulting thank-you messages when submitted.

By setting up and personalizing these forms, they can get accurate and timely feedback from site visitors. And they can target all these forms to any number of email addresses, letting them hear directly from people just like you.